Deluxe Professional Carpet Cleaners The Deluxe Pro 1 yr Guarantee Pkg $500. This package includes the 10 step cleaning process, a proper scotchgard treatment & 1 yr stay clean guarantee (No kids or Pets}. If the carpet does not stay clean for 1 yr we will reclean it at no cost to you, stains (excluding bleach stains) are included. Unfortunately there are limitations pertaining to pets and excessive urine or feces on the carpet. Any of the aforementioned will not qualify under this program.

Please Note: As of 02/17/09 all other services provided by Deluxe Professional Carpet Cleaners will be our standard reclean warranties written on receipt ranging from
7 days to 14 days. Within 7 days if you are not satisfied with our service we will reclean that area at no additional charge. If we applied carpet protection then you will receive one of our 30 or 45 day extended warranties. The Extended Warranty covers reoccuring soiled areas and spills that cannot be removed by regular tap water. We will reclean and retreat that area at no additional cost. This will be specified to the client and written on a receipt.

Referral Rewards Program - Why pay for carpet cleaning when you could have your carpets thoroughly cleaned for FREE? That's right for FREE, Deluxe Professional Carpet Cleaners values its clients so we're offering the Referral Rewards Program. For every 3 completed referrals of $100 or more you will receive the Deep Clean Package at no cost to you. If that's not good enough we have another option, for every 2 completed referrals of $100 or more you will receive $50 cash. Even in these tough economic times everyone should be able to have their carpets thoroughly cleaned.

Written Guarantee